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Versatile AI software solutions for image and data processing.

Common tasks are object recognition and classification, pattern recognition, qualitative and quantitative analysis of image data and AI based image evaluation.

Use Cases

The software solutions can be used for a very broad range of applications. They are already proving their huge flexibility in different industries and countries.

Every information provided by the applied cameras (or any other imaging sensor) can be used to evaluate images, e.g. color, shading, pattern, structure, shape, size, number, chemical composition, semantic information.

Examples for typical applications: sorting, quality management, production monitoring, laboratory diagnostics, batch job data processing, robotics

Digital Inspection
of Concrete Structures

Based on drone images of concrete surfaces, structural defects are detected and classified

Manufacturing Errors in the Paper Production

As part of the production process, the paper web is monitored in terms of manufacturing errors. 

Almond Sorting in Food Industry 

Almond shells and other foreign matters are removed from the product flow. 

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KestrelEye's software solutions open up almost infinite possibilities - even for your individual applications.
Imaging Pipeline

Industrial Image Processing

  • evaluation of images
  • AI data evaluation of images
  • error monitoring and logging


  • high data throughput
  • real time capability
  • AI utilization to solve complex applications
  • wide range of sensor types supported (RGB cameras, hyperspectral cameras, 3D sensors, area cameras, line cameras)
  • sensor synchronization
  • industrial interfaces support
  • adaption and integration according to customer requirements


  • library or stand alone
  • Windows and Linux support
  • edge devices or cloud
Offline Image & AI Processing 

Image Processing

  • evaluation of single images and image series (batch jobs)
  • AI data evaluation of single images and image series
  • result export

Generating image processing rules (as tool for Imaging Pipeline VEGA)

  • generating image processing rules for a specific application
  • testing and exporting configurations


  • AI utilization to solve complex applications
  • wide range of sensor types supported (RGB cameras, hyperspectral cameras, 3D sensors, area cameras, line cameras)
Software Service for Generating AI Models
  • generating AI models for different use cases, e.g.
    • pixel classification and rating
    • object classification and rating
    • image classification and rating
  • generating data sets for neural network trainings
  • validating and optimizing AI models
  • manage AI models


In order to support customers who want to establish new image processing and AI technologies, KestrelEye provides following services:


  • feasibility studies
  • development projects (adapting / enhancing the software to customer requirements)
  • integration in existing automation systems
  • support for developing applications
  • support for generating and training of AI models
  • selecting suitable hardware (image processing computers, sensors and lighting)
  • training for image processing and AI relevant topics

References and Experiences

Cooperation Partners

ICG - Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision

Industry Sectors

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Element 1@600x-8

mining industry

Element 3@600x-8

wood sector

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Element 4@600x-8

food industry

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paper industry

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  • Belgien
  • Brasilien
  • China
  • Dänemark
  • Deutschland
  • Italien
  • Kanada
  • Niederlande
  • Österreich
  • Portugal
  • Spanien
  • Südafrika
  • USA


  • aluminum scrap
  • avocados
  • Brücken
  • cashews
  • electronic scrap
  • buildings
  • glass
  • wooden planks
  • scarlet runner beans
  • carrots
  • potato chips
  • cheese
  • cheese
  • ceramics
  • pumpkin seeds
  • food industry
  • laminated beams
  • almonds
  • mangos
  • scrap metal
  • minerals
  • paper industry
  • parsnips
  • PET bottles
  • pistachios
  • plastic foil
  • French fries
  • raisins
  • streets
  • sweets
  • tunnels
  • walnuts
  • cellulose

Sensor technologies

3D camera, area camera, hyperspectral camera, line camera, metal detector, monochrome camera, RGB camera


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