Digital Inspection
of Concrete Structures

Based on drone images of concrete surfaces, structural defects are detected and classified (assigned to a specific defect type, e.g. cracks, spallings, reinforcements).

Artificial intelligence is used to handle the huge variety of appearances within a specific defect type. It also ensures that uncritical concrete structures, such as joints or rough surfaces, which almost look identical to real defects, are not misclassified.

The use of drones and the huge variety of the image recording equipment leads to extremely fluctuating image properties (brightness, distance to the concrete structure, sharpness etc.). The software is able to handle these fluctuations, thus ensuring very reliable results.


  • extremely fluctuating quality of original images

  • classification of very small defects: 0,1 mm

  • pixel accuracy

  • artificial intelligence

Original Image: crack

Result Image: crack

Original Image: crack + spalling

Result Image: crack (orange) + spalling (pink)

Original Image: spalling + reinforcements

Result Image: spalling (pink) + reinforcements (blue)